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The power of Mixpanel, the ease of Plausible and nothing from Google Analytics 😉

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Analytics should be easy
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The power of Mixpanel, the ease of Plausible and nothing from Google Analytics 😉 Curious how it looks?

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Visualize Your Data

Gain a deep understanding of your data with our visualization tools.

Visualize Your Data

Get a good overview

Even though we want to provide advanced charts and graphs, we also want you to understand your data at a glance.

Get a good overview

Real-Time Data Access

Access all your events in real-time. No delays or waiting for data to be accessible.

Mark events as conversions to highlight and get notifications with our iOS/Android app (app coming soon!)

Real-Time Data Access

Unlimited dashboards with charts

Create beautiful charts and graphs to visualize your data and share them with your team.

✅ Linear
✅ Area
✅ Bar
✅ Map
✅ Pie
✅ Funnels
✅ Histogram
✅ Metrics
Unlimited dashboards with charts

Understand your users

Deep dive into your user's behavior and understand how they interact with your app/website.

Understand your users

Not convinced?

Own Your Own Data

We believe that you should own your own data. That's why we don't sell your data to third parties. Ever. Period.

GDPR Compliant

All our serveres are hosted in EU (Stockholm) and we are fully GDPR compliant.

Cloud or Self-Hosting

Choose between the flexibility of cloud-based hosting or the autonomy of self-hosting to tailor your analytics infrastructure to your needs.

Real-Time Events

Stay up-to-date with real-time event tracking, enabling instant insights into user actions as they happen.

No cookies!

Our trackers are cookie-free, skip that annyoing cookie consent banner!


We have combined the best from Mixpanel and Plausible. Cut the costs and keep the features.

Predictable pricing

You only pay for events, everything else is included. No surprises.

React Native

First Class React Native Support

Our SDK is built with React Native in mind, making it easy to integrate with your mobile apps.

Powerful Export API

Use our powerful export API to access your data.

Simple, transparent pricing

Everything is included, just decide how many events you want to track each month.

  • Unlimited websites/apps
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimted dashboards
  • Unlimted charts
  • Unlimted tracked profiles
  • Yes, its that simple
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200,000 eventsper month
500,000 eventsper month
1,000,000 eventsper month
2,000,000 eventsper month
5,000,000 eventsper month
10,000,000 eventsper month

Everything is free during beta period!

Another analytic tool? Really?


Our open-source analytic library fills a crucial gap by combining the strengths of Mixpanel's powerful features with Plausible's clear overview page. Motivated by the lack of an open-source alternative to Mixpanel and inspired by Plausible's simplicity, we aim to create an intuitive platform with predictable pricing. With a single-tier pricing model and limits only on monthly event counts, our goal is to democratize analytics, offering unrestricted access to all features while ensuring affordability and transparency for users of all project sizes.

The why

Our open-source analytic library emerged from a clear need within the analytics community. While platforms like Mixpanel offer powerful and user-friendly features, they lack a comprehensive overview page akin to Plausible's, which succinctly summarizes essential metrics. Recognizing this gap, we saw an opportunity to combine the strengths of both platforms while addressing their respective shortcomings.

One significant motivation behind our endeavor was the absence of an open-source alternative to Mixpanel. We believe in the importance of accessibility and transparency in analytics, which led us to embark on creating a solution that anyone can freely use and contribute to.

Inspired by Plausible's exemplary approach to simplicity and clarity, we aim to build upon their foundation and further refine the user experience. By harnessing the best practices demonstrated by Plausible, we aspire to create an intuitive and streamlined analytics platform that empowers users to derive actionable insights effortlessly.

Our own experiences with traditional analytics platforms like Mixpanel underscored another critical aspect driving our project: the need for predictable pricing. As project owners ourselves, we encountered the frustration of escalating costs as our user base grew. Therefore, we are committed to offering a single-tier pricing model that provides unlimited access to all features without the fear of unexpected expenses.

In line with our commitment to fairness and accessibility, our pricing model will only impose limits on the number of events users can send each month. This approach, akin to Plausible's, ensures that users have the freedom to explore and utilize our platform to its fullest potential without arbitrary restrictions on reports or user counts. Ultimately, our goal is to democratize analytics by offering a reliable, transparent, and cost-effective solution for projects of all sizes.